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Air and Weather Barrier Solutions




High drying capacity air barriers.  Simply building physics and moisture control tactics suggest that the best location for insulation is the exterior of the structure.  However, from a practical sense, many projects continue to utilize fiberglass or other insulation products to the interior side to supplement code mandated continuous insulation on the outside.  In these cases, impermeable air/vapor barriers serve to trap interior generating moisture.  Structures need to breathe – they need to dry to the inside and to the outside while stopping air flow.  VaproShield has a complete product offering to solve that critical design issue.

RevealShield SA and IT – black, highly permeable (41 perms), UV stable (180 day full exposure during construction), water resistive air barrier for use with open joint rain screen products (max 40% total open wall area, joints up to 2″ wide).  RevealShield also serves to provide a weather barrier over absorptive mineral wool insulation and to protect it from moisture intrusion.

WrapShield SA and IT – for use direct to sheathing or over rigid insulation solutions.  Provides a much more efficient solution than liquid applied permeable air barriers and should be considered in lieu of or as a competitive equivalent.  No special sheathing joint treatment, no primer, ease of opening detailing.  SA provides a fully adhered application.  IT has integral seam tape and is loose applied.

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