Continuous Insulation and Air Sealing Solutions

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Insulation is a key element in every wall design.  Where air barriers and the aesthetic element of claddings get all the attention, insulation is generally relegated to a simple choice between various options – fiberglass/SPF/mineral wool/rigid insulation.  Consider this fact – a wall assembly’s temperature profile plays a critical role in the ability to resist condensation and promote drying.  Temperature profile manipulation is a key tool in creating a robust wall assembly.  It is also a tool often overlooked.

How to achieve a robust design?  Move as much, preferably all, of the insulation possible to the exterior of the structure.  Select products that exhibit high moisture resistance.

Rigid insulation is the best way to provide a continuous insulation package and predictable performance.  Dow Styrofoam extruded family of products and Dow Thermax ISO family of products provide high long-term R value performance and can be used with a broad variety of cladding and wall assembly choices.

Continuous insulation as defined by ASHRAE 90.1: “insulation that is continuous across all structural members without thermal bridges other than fasteners and service openings”.  Technically, the only way to meet this requirement is with a rigid insulation solution.  We can assist with understanding the impact of using rigid insulation and meeting code on hanging various cladding assemblies and related detailing issues.

Selecting and designing with rigid insulation to meet NFPA-285.  Rigid insulation is the best solution, but it comes with code mandated NFPA-285 compliance.

Thermax sheathing and Thermax CI based solutions for use with a broad variety of cladding options.

Dow Cavitymate Ultra high R value, long term moisture performance, extruded polystyrene.

Increased energy efficiency solutions for your designs to deliver your clients a better product to accomplish with long term energy costs and sustainability goals and meet continuous insulation requirements.

Thermax White Finish, Light Duty and Heavy Duty for Tilt Wall, PreCast and any interior exposed, occupied space applications.  Custom lengths up to 30 feet.

Air sealing needs to be addressed – beyond the air barrier lie a number of construction conditions that are generally not considered, yet critical to sealing up the structure and eliminating heat loss and moisture migration.  Stand under any roof deck and look at all the penetrations that go unaddressed – pipes, HVAC curbs, drain bowls, perimeter deck to wall juncture, uninsulated/interrupted insulation at parapets.  Walls have similar issues where penetrations interrupt the insulation package as they exit the structure.  Not sealing these areas leads to moisture driving into the roof assembly.  Simple solution:  Dow Froth Pak Class A Insulation and Dow Froth Pak Ultra Premium Foam Insulation.  Code approved, exposed (no fire barrier) systems to accomplish this simple application.

SPF Alternative – Dow Froth Pak Ultra Premium Foam Insulation.  Refill system that provides the same performance as SPF, with some fire performance advantages, and eliminating the need for costly spray rigs.

Are you aware of the true R value of roofing insulation as reported by the National Roofing Contractors Association and how you can provide your clients with a permanent roof insulation solution with Dow Deckmate Plus and Dow Roofmate and Plazamate family of products?

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