Vegetated Roof, PMR, and Plazas

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American Hydrotech’s MM6125 hot fluid applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane is over 50 years old, has bee installed on over 2 billion square feet of roof decks, plazas, vertical foundations, vegetated roof assemblies, split slabs, reflecting pools and other structures, in the United States and over 45 countries.  An unparalleled record of performance and longevity continues to drive the selection of MM6125 as “An effective barrier to the transmission of water . . . for the design life of the roof structure”.

With over 10 million square feet of garden roofs in place, we have a wealth of experience to offer.  Locally, we have a large inventory of over 250 green roofs, including small 1000 sq ft to large 60,000 sf plus installations, including installations specifically designed as the storm water management systems for the structure.

Steep slope (12:12 pitch) engineered solutions and dead level/low slope options.

Wind design services to ensure the garden roof stays on the roof and your client receives a wind warranty.

Green roof issues begin with selecting and designing the correct waterproofing membrane (single ply and roofing membranes simply have no place in what are essentially waterproofing applications); they end with a successful and thriving plant community.

Sedum Carpets offer an outstanding option for pre-grown, instant green roofs and have many performance advantages over trays.  We can help you understand why trays are not the simple solutions they appear to be.

Storm Water Management – The driving force behind the green roof movement.  Cities and municipalities are turning to green roofs as an ideal solution to site storm water management.  Compliance is the issue here, and simply adding a green roof falls far short of meeting specific site goals.  American Hydrotech has modeled their systems to provide accurate and quantifiable data to civil engineers for storm water design and site compliance.  Take advantage of their HHT (Hydrotech Hydrology Tool) to provide compliance data.  Using this tool, we will help you design a green roof assembly that meets your specific compliance criteria.

LEED SRI light reflective requirements can be met using Hydroguard lightweight ballast systems.

Protected Membrane Roof and Pedestal/Paver Plaza applications – wherever long term watertight protection and performance is your goal.




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