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Ludowici Roof Tile

“It’s a lifetime roof.”

Peter Zimmerman, AIA
Peter Zimmerman Architects, Inc.
Berwyn, PA

What a great starting point as you investigate products for your project!  Time is an incredibly harsh critic – breaking down even some of the finest materials.  Customers who have used Ludowici over the years understand these facts:

  • It maintains its original beauty even in the harshest of environments and is a fitting tribute to structures that are meant to endure.  No other roof tile has demonstrated the durability they have come to expect and rely on with Ludowici.  The mid-Atlantic area has projects dating to 1894 that still look beautiful.  We are also graced with a great inventory of homes and institutional projects circa 1910-1940.
  • Ludowici has a broad range of tile offerings to meet the demands of any project.  Looking for custom color and texture?  Need a custom shaped tile?  Seeking to create a special blend?  Or, possibly you need something simple and lightweight, like our LudoSlate or LudoShake.  We can accommodate the needs of your project.
  • Price perception – you will be pleasantly surprised to know that Ludowici produces tiles that are competitive with plastic slates!  Price is dependent on many factors including tile style, color, texture, how it is made, pieces per square.  So, don’t discount us because of old perceptions!  Give us a call and we can share tile costs with you.
  • Work closely with your Ludowici representative – the website and literature are just a starting point.  THOMCO encourages you to contact us to meet and review your project, your dreams and your budget.  We can walk you through the options and help you understand color, texture and styles, even make some suggestions based on our experience.
  • Ludowici today – a vibrant company with contemporary projects throughout the area and the United States.  Many are featured in our photo gallery for your reference.  If you are interested, Ludowici will gladly host you for a tour of their plant and Factory of Ideas Design Studio in New Lexington, Ohio.  Many owners and architects find great inspiration for their projects, or simply confirm their direction, following a visit.


LudoSlate and LudoShake

The marketplace has continuously searched for lightweight, lower cost replacements for traditional slate, resulting in generation after generation of plastic slates as manufacturers search for ways to make plastic last.  Judging by installed performance, they have not been particularly successful.  Consider LudoSlate and LudoShake.  Ludowici vitrified clay tiles – lightweight, 6 lbs per square foot and very economical.

In search of inspiration?  Check out our photo gallery.

Check out The Shake Collection by Ludowici Roof Tile – Thomco shake brochure 5-6-13