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Ludowici is the premier choice of high end architects, homeowners, commercial buildings, universities, government agencies and historic renovation projects seeking uniquely beautiful architectural terra cotta products that stand the test of time.

The story Ludowici has to tell is one that features continuous tile production since 1888 at their New Lexington, Ohio, production facility.  Legendary for unparalleled long-term performance and beauty, Ludowici is fundamentally an expression of terra cotta which can play a complimentary role in modern design along with its traditional applications.  The breadth of Ludowici’s capability is extensive, offering a rich pallet of color, texture and style to capture and express your unique vision.  Ludowici Tiles grace many fine residential, institutional, religious and educational structures, and is a signature element of many Universities.

Ludowici’s legacy has been earned through the harsh trials of time in some of the most challenging environments.

Conosera - St. Gabriel 1 The Mid-Atlantic region has a very large inventory of projects circa 1900-1940, with some, like Saint Gabriel’s in Audubon, PA, dating to 1894.  Despite harsh winters, the multiple threats of freeze/thaw, salt intrusion and many years of Nor’easters, Ludowici has thrived all along the New Jersey Shore since it became a vacation destination in the early 1900’s.  The physical attributes that allow Ludowici to provide lasting beauty and performance in these environments is a critical element in tile selection.  It is an element that is unique to all Ludowici tiles.

Selecting tile for your project is significant and involves many factors.  It is different from other products since Ludowici is not generally an off-the-shelf item.  It is produced to your vision for color, style, texture and many other factors.  Yes, Ludowici has some standards that serve as a starting point and the Ludowici website gives some sense of that.  Our job is to assist you in moving beyond the basics of the website.  In both construction and historic restoration, Ludowici possibilities have few limits.

Ludowici’s story is not limited to roofs.  Ludowici can also be selected for durable floor and wall terra cotta applications.  These applications share Ludowici’s legendary quality, longevity and beauty.  That’s a nice starting point.  What can we help you create?

To help you out we have provided a few key application categories where you can dig a little deeper for initial guidance

 Historic Restoration  Residential Construction  Commercial and Institutional Vertical Applications  Quarry Tile 

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