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High performance sustainable buildings are becoming the standard which many clients seek in their construction projects.  It has been stated that “Durability must be a part of high performance.  Buildings that require replacement of major components because they have deteriorated or failed long before a normal expected service life, are not sustainable, nor high performance.  Substitution of recycled materials that fall much sooner than virgin materials is not acceptable.”  David W. Altenhofen, AIA, From AIA Technique, 1/28/13.

Urban Outfitters HQ Philadelphia, PA

Urban Outfitters HQ
Philadelphia, PA

Synthetic roofing products of recycled content continue to have a strong base of popularity, but have proven themselves to have comparatively short effective lifespans and demonstrate a disconnect between sustainability and durability.  Many other steep slope products demonstrate the same characteristic.

Ludowici products have been defining high performance since 1888.  With a demonstrated life expectancy of over 100 years, they provide enduring beauty that is unparalleled.  Ludowici is certainly worth consideration for steep slope applications – especially where beauty and durability count.

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