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University of Delaware Laird Campus, Newark, DE

Watch the project unfold [pdf]

You only get one chance to get the insulation package right in a commercial structure! Ayers Saint Gross got it right for the University of Delaware. Ayers Saint Gross did not lose sight of one of the most overlooked dimensions of sustainability and likely the greatest opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint through this design– insulate the structure the right way – a continuous sheathing of Dow rigid insulation on the outside!
laird_campusBaltimore based architectural firm Ayers Saint Gross designed this new residential complex for the University of Delaware. Their commitment to sustainability is clear through their philosophy as outlined on their website:

“Ayers/Saint/Gross is committed to sustainability in our work, our office practices, our research and through our people. We design all of our projects with sustainability in mind and have recently established a policy to test each project we undertake against the LEED standards. Our ultimate goal is to set the LEED Silver rating as our office standard. We monitor the impact of our operations on the environment and seek to reduce our office carbon footprint through reductions in energy use, material use, and travel. Our research seeks to expand our understanding of the impact of our work on the environment in collaboration with our clients and consultants. Our practice cultivates a culture where individuals consider the environment in their work and in their daily lives.
Ayers/Saint/Gross believes sustainability is about building smart and responsibly. That means maximizing the effectiveness of dollars and natural sources by considering the project’s long-term ramifications and life cycle costs. It also means recognizing that no design or planning initiative exists in a vacuum. New projects should facilitate the institution’s mission, respect its history and context, and help build a sense of community.”

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